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FICO Plans to Reveal Once Secret Credit Scores

Via LearnVest By Shana Lebowitz -  Imagine applying for grad school without ever looking at your undergrad transcript. How would you know where you stood in comparison to other students, and which programs were likely to admit you? You wouldn’t really. Yet that’s more or less the situation many consumers have found themselves in when… Continue Reading

Senate Bill Would Include Some Student Loans in Bankruptcy

Say the worst has happened. Your bills are out of control, you owe more than you can ever repay, you need a new start—you decide bankruptcy is the only answer. But declaring bankruptcy won’t get you out of your student loan obligations. Under current law, filing for bankruptcy may allow you to discharge your mortgage… Continue Reading

President Obama Has Ambitious Plans for Your Student Loans

Via LearnVest By Shana Lebowitz – If you feel like gripes about your unmanageable student loans have fallen largely on deaf ears, at least you know the White House is listening: On Tuesday, Obama signed a memorandum that would give borrowers greater consumer protections. The Student Aid Bill of Rights proposes a series of changes, including… Continue Reading