Safe Driving Pays Off

Literally and figuratively.

Like many  drivers, you may have experienced that feeling of dread when you see the flashing lights of a police car in your rearview mirror. Perhaps you didn’t come to a complete stop at that intersection, or you put a little too much metal to the pedal.  Unfortunately, getting a ticket may not be the only consequence. A recent study by shows how much your car insurance is likely to go up based on the type of violation.  It also provides an interactive tool, the “Uh-Oh! Calculator,” that allows you to compute the average percent increase to your auto insurance for 14 common violations.

Based on their analysis, here is how much these violations affect car insurance rates on average:

Offense Increase
Reckless driving 22%
DUI (first offense) 19%
Driving without a license/permit 18%
Careless driving 16%
Speeding 30 mph over limit 15%
Failure to stop 15%
Improper turn 14%
Improper passing 14%
Following too close 13%
Speeding 15 to 29 percent over limit 12%
Speeding 1 to 14 percent over limit 11%
Failure to yield 9%
No car insurance 6%
Seat belt infractions 3%

While these are just averages, they clearly demonstrate how driving safely and avoiding traffic violations pays off.  On that note, be sure to shop around when looking for car insurance and get at least three quotes.  Even if you have had a moving violation, do your research and consider other ways of reducing your costs such as bundling with home or other insurance policies; raising your deductible; or discontinuing unnecessary coverage (such as collision for cars valued less than $1,000).

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