Money on My Mind 2013: $100 Winner – Ryan H.

We are very excited to bring you one of the runners-up in the Money on My Mind video contest! Over 160 entries were received from students across the country telling us about the #1 money management challenge they face while trying to balance school and non-academic life. Check out one of the $100 winners, Ryan H. from CSU Long Beach.

Post a comment about how this video relates to your own experiences and you will be entered for a chance to win a $20 gift card*!

More winning videos will be posted each week, giving you more chances to comment and win. The grand prize winner will be announced during the last week of January, so be sure to visit One For Your Money often or sign up for our RSS feed to stay in the loop!

*See Official Rules for details.

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  • amberpatrick1

    Where is Ryan H.’s video?

  • amberpatrick1

    I liked this video!

  • AlexisElac18

    This video was a bit comedic by those sound effects. However, Ryan is right when he says we should “always keep track of our money.” While we are spending money on everyday necessities, we lose track of our money. That is why Ryan’s idea of keeping track of our money comes in mighty handy. Having a bank account means, having records of recent transactions, deposits and withdraws so we know where our money is and where its going. Money comes and goes, but our time in college is priceless. So enjoy college and spend less time worrying about finances.

  • tavia8910

    Great video! (:

  • malrfrederick

    Thanks Ryan! I have troubles staying in my limit when it comes to food. I think its because prices keep going up that its hard to stay on top of it. I try to get coupons and keep a spreadsheet with everything I purchase. I have to remind myself that if it is not on the list don’t buy it. Thanks for your tips!

  • jasontgirouard

    Haha I loved the sound effects! Very informative, great video