Money on My Mind 2013: $100 Winner – Neal S.

Check out our next $100 winner, Neal S. from West Los Angeles College, as he raps his money management testimonial with some great advice on strategizing and prioritizing! Post a comment about how this video relates to your own experiences and you will be entered for a chance to win a $20 gift card*!

More winning videos will be posted each week, giving you more chances to comment and win. The grand prize winner will be announced during the last week of January, so be sure to visit One For Your Money often or sign up for our RSS feed to stay in the loop!

*See Official Rules for details.

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  • AlexisElac18

    Wow! This is great! I like that Neal added his own rapping styles to share his money experiences. Like Neal, I have no car so I have to commute and ride two buses to school and home. Strategizing is an important step to saving money and tracking your money. Making a financial plan of your school expenses and living expenses can show you how much you spend and how much you should spend on those expenses. I use my Higher One banking account to help me keep track of my money and my expenses and make a budget plan to save money every semester.
    A savings account is secure and you can keep track of your money. No more dealing with sweating the small stuff! :)

  • tavia8910

    Great video n tips!

  • natalie

    Attending college and trying to manage your money is really hard. The students who have submitted videos are great role models. They helped me understand that managing money is important and gave great advice on how to spend it wisely. I hope many students get to see these videos and get inspired like I did. We all should learn from these videos. Thank you all very much.

  • amberpatrick1

    I liked this video because the song was catchy, the rhyming of the words were good, and what he said about his personal life was similar to my life.

  • jasontgirouard

    I liked the rap! Often times deciding that something isn’t worth the buy can be tricky, but that’s a huge part of budgeting! I liked what you had to say, and congrats on getting $100!