2014 Challenge Week 4: Teach Me!

Some colleges and universities offer financial literacy services, events and programs such as workshops, peer to peer counseling and online courses.  This week’s challenge is to submit your ideas on how best to reach and teach college students about money management.  What format works best for you?  For example, do you prefer one-on-one, classes, special events, online courses or a combination?  What subjects do you think should be covered (e.g. credit, budgeting, debt avoidance, spending, savings, and identity protection). What strategies would you recommend to get students attention?

Post your ideas here on $tart with Change and you will be entered for a chance to win a $25 gift card. But wait, it gets better… we will compile all the ideas into an eBook and share with all!

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  • tavia8910

    Financial literacy is very important for students to learn and be aware of. I think all of the strategies listed above are great things to offer students. We like having a lot of options so, having the option to talk on-on-one, take classes, and attend special events is vital! What works best for me is talking with someone one on one, attending fun events, and reading online resources. Schools should definitely have an online page dedicated to basic tips for financial success. This would be great for students that don’t have the time to take advantage of the other services offered. Topics that I think would be helpful for students would be credit, budgeting, savings, identity protection, and savings/retirement plans. There usually are classes that are about all things finance, but it’s nice to have easier options that take less time. Students tend to like quick and easy things! One of the best strategies I can recommend that would get students attention is outreach events for services offered at the school that incorporate fun games, trivia, prizes, etc. (Prizes especially!)

  • AlexisElac18

    Online classes are the best format for me because usually I am unavailable to attend various workshops, and so online classes are the best choice for me. Online classes are very convenient, and are available wherever internet is offered; in schools, public libraries, internet cafes, homes, and plenty of stores that offer free wi-fi. I think the subjects that should be covered in online workshops are financial aid, savings, scholarships, grants, budget plans, money tips, student loan information, and debit and credit card information. If I were to grab student’s attention, I would post colorful and creative posters to grab their attention. I would also put out flyers in various school offices and post them on bulletin boards, and also advertise them on the school newspaper and encourage teachers to spread the word out. Social media can also contribute hugely with grabbing students attention.

  • sarodanilla

    Budgeting, spending,and saving would be great topics for all students to learn. A class or a special event would open up many students eyes on financial management. These two, in my opinion are great to catch the students attention, and keep them interested.