Want to Save Money? Go Coupon Crazy

We’ve all seen the shows where a dedicated mom uses her huge binder of coupons to get six shopping carts full of Pop Tarts and Hungry Man dinners for 19 cents. You probably have nowhere to store that much booty and not enough time to find the coupons you’d need to pull it off, but coupons can save you a bundle if you know where to find them and how to use them. Here are a few quick tips.

  • Before you go shopping, check the coupon inserts in your local Sunday paper and clip the ones you think you’ll use. Don’t want to subscribe? Ask friends or family to save you their copies, or ask local coffee shops if you can have the Sunday papers they have left over—most will set them aside and let you pick them up Monday morning.
  • Ask your local grocery store if they ever double or triple coupons, and check this comprehensive list of double-coupon stores by state.
  • To maximize your savings, cross-reference your coupons with your local store flyer, and use coupons on items that are on sale that week.
  • Look for coupons in dispensers inside the store—often you’ll find coupons next to the product.
  • Check for peel-and-use coupons on the products themselves, and don’t forget to take them off and use them when you get to the register.
  • If you have a loyalty card at your local grocery and they have self-scanners, use them. Often they’ll offer exclusive deals.
  • Some websites (Coupons.com, SmartSource.com, SupermarketCoupons.com, Hopster, CommonKindness) offer free printable coupons, so do an online search before you hit the store.
  • Visit the website for the grocery store where you plan to shop to see if they have any online-only coupons.
  • Check out the many mobile apps that let you find, store and use coupons, including SnipSnap, The Coupons App, Grocery IQ and RetailMeNot.


Happy shopping!


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