Congratulations to our 2015 Money on My Mind Video Contest prize winners!!

We are very pleased to announce the prizes for this year’s Money on My Mind Video Contest winners. The competition was stiff with over 100 entries from students all across the country, but we think you’ll agree that the winning videos truly hit the mark, and offer some great (and entertaining) money secrets and advice for all college students. The winners were selected based on their overall appeal, creativity, originality, quality and value.

And a special congratulations to your Fan Favorite winner…Leslie W. from Baker College! She wins an extra $200 in addition to her runner up prize!!


But wait, there are still more ways to win.

Watch the videos and submit a comment telling us what you like about the videos, if any of the tips helped you or you’d like to share any of your own tips, and you will be entered for a chance to win one of 10 $50 digital gift cards. You may submit one comment per day during the comment period* which ends on December 20th, so don’t delay.

$2,000 First Place Winner

Jessica K. from Kent State University


$500 Second Place Winner

Joshua B. from American River College


$250 Third Place Winner

Benjamin S. from the University of Missouri


$100 Runners-Up

Eli S. from Indiana Institute of Technology


Leslie W. from Baker College



Nicole M. from Texas Tech University


Patrick F. from Lamar University


*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. Restrictions apply. Comment Period begins 12/8/15 & ends 12/20/15. Click here for Official Rules & complete details.

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  • Ericho

    Wow, what an idea to have two checking accounts to use to spend on needed and leisure items, and also to have a savings to save for a rainy day and for the future. Cheers Patrick F.

    • Ratesha

      This video was very helpful and I learned some very useful tips on how to save money. I will try my best to use the information I learned. Congratulations on winning!!

    • Gail

      Yes. Great idea!

    • Stephanie

      does any bank allow you to have 2 checking accounts?
      and really good idea, i would think to even it out more of the percentages or have more percentage on the big expenses. I like the long term idea but the present is always good.

      • VIRGINIA


        Usually banks only allow one checking account.
        Shop around or check with the bank your using.

        If the banks do not allow two checking accounts. Try savings account at the same bank or at the bank your using.

        Find out how it works; such as will you receive interest for the time you have the savings.
        This is a plus for you.

        Do you have to pay any fees if you need to use your savings.
        Will there be a penalty if you withdraw all money from your account. Using these types of accounts can be costly using up the money you where hoping you will have and need. Do not fall for fees that charge $2.00 or $4.00 ..The cost may seem like a small amount, but it adds up over time; in just a few weeks or months time.
        Make a list of questions you may have about concerns that apply to you.

        Don’t accept the first bank offer.
        Check other banks make sure your getting the best service for you.

        Also you can look into having two checking accounts from two different banks that offer free checking for students…some require direct deposits. Others do not.. Keep in mind that if the bank charges you for you using your own money, soon you will not have the money you need nor the amount your planning to save.
        I have in the past use two different banks… one for my daily monthly use and the other to hold on to my money for future use.

        Another great way to save is no matter how you choose to save.. put your money away, and forget it.
        Set a budget.
        Once your budget is used; do not use the money you are saving.
        Other words; train yourself that the money you are saving is for that and to use it for any other reason unless their is an extreme necessary need; is not an option.
        If you don’t have money in your budget.. you just don’t have it.

        I hope I was able to help you and that you will find a bank that will work well for you.

      • Latayla

        I think that Wells Fargo does… I would just ask to see, ism not for sure on that.

    • Desiree

      Honestly, I never really thought about it; that’s probably why I’m broke by the middle of each semester. Good advice from all of these videos. Thank You!!

    • Lamont

      Yea that’s a good idea

    • Elyana

      Interesting how they want to help us out figure out how save for the future!!!!….

    • Hafsah

      I think that it is a great idea to have three places to keep money and to assign each account to certain things that you want to buy.

    • Brandon Touchton

      I am commenting on Jessica’s video from Kent State. Wow the video is great and how she explains saving on books. She also expresses that money will not by you happiness. That is very true. She also talks about being more involved and getting out there and enjoying your college experience. These are great things to go by and and motivate yourself while being in school. Being more active while in college is such a great way to get involved with more of what is going on around you. Enjoying your experience of college can very well help towards going back to school in the future. Enjoyed the video and what she explains.

    • Autumn

      great idea

  • LaMarcus Benjamin

    I like the fact that they are trying to save. They have more on their mind then spending money.

  • Charlene

    Greet idea!!! Kids need to learn how to save money especially in college!!!

    • Rachel Ebert

      Very true! I am opening up a savings account once I am able to. I am having to relearn how to better manage my money better.

  • Shirley

    I like her presentation, it’s easy to understand and funny.

  • Kim Green

    Depending on your income per month or refunds from school, always put money aside for a rainy day.
    Pay all bills that on time and whatever that”s within your budget. Map out your spending expenses, subtract them from gross list. Set aside what & how much you can spend or save from deductions form bills. I usually do mine every 4 months and hide extra money from myself, some where and place that will make it difficult for me to get to it. ( out of my reach in the next state close to me) I do this with just my refunds , while being employed. All of my refunds will be in a safe place far out and I’ll have to just deal with my income from job only and put so much aside each time I get paid while at the same time saving all of my refunds from school being untouched. That’s my budget plan for saving money and strategy adjustments along with sacrifice and limitations. It will pay off in the end when it comes to your needs and wants, do what’s in the best interest of you gaining something successfully by the time you graduate from college and complete all of your goals.

  • Angela

    I luv,luv the idea of actually having two different checking accounts and a separate savings account. The video makes one actually think about how to manage money. The separate checking accounts works great when sonsidering that money that is placed in the account for entertainment, dinning out, etc. once that money is spent you have to wait until payday because that is all that was budgeted for the account. Great video, very helpful information and most importantly, it is doable. The idea is to have a goal and a budget in place that you can work with, one that matches your overall savings/budget objective. Again, loved it.

  • Pamela Gaza

    They all have great ideas for saving money and I think its great that they shared them. I knew of most of them, but learned a few that I plan to use. Like checking out text books at the library, saving that dollar bill that has a letter from my name, and the 3 checking accounts. Thanks guys!

  • Joanna

    I love the video because it shows how to help you save money in school. You can find ways to save on your books and find odd jobs to earn extra cash. Something I’m trying to do while I’m in school at the moment. I’m trying to find a side job to help me take care of my kids while I attend. I try to find people I know who have taking my classes so I can buy their books. Anything to help me out just a little to save money.

  • Amber Murphy

    I like the tip from the first prize winner about still looking for scholarships. As a college student, it’s easy to forget all the things you had to do in order to afford college once you’re in college. I think that is one of the best tips that could have been given. Its something so simple that is easily over looked by thousands college students every year. THANKS for the great tips!

    • Colleen

      I agree! Finding ways to make college more affordable is always a great idea. Especially when it’s your second time around.

  • sulu

    I like the idea of saving they are emphasizing. We need to live below our means then we will save more money.

  • deborah

    Leslie made a game out of savings, or the luck of the draw. Then she spent her savings on college books wherever she could find them cheaper, double savings. A fun way to save and spend her $!



  • Sharon Matthews

    I really enjoyed the experience of visiting the Higher One website, because the information requirements is very detailed; user friendly, and quite frankly, easy to enroll into my new Choice One account. This is the beginning of something great for me. Thank you! S. Matthews

  • tania iser

    love that grown up are thinking more about savings and the future then spending what they do not make and more.


    I love the ways, how Higher One, help you get all you can get out of your money, my income is limit, I get a student check, but I still limit , on how much to spend, but since I been with Higher One I been able to keep my money under control.

  • Stephanie Miller

    I think all of these videos had great ideas. I like the riding a bike idea and also on the #1 winning video her ideas were amazing. All of the contestants did amazing jobs and I learned a lot from their videos. I want to thank them all for helping me and for showing me so many tips. Another great tip was the renting the books from the library. All of these were very helpful but my favorite would have to be the guy with the bike idea Eli S. from Indiana Institute of technology, you did amazing.

  • evelisse catala

    Its great that they are learning and doing the best to save and do what they need to in order to learn new things.

  • Jessica Zavala

    I loved Leslie’s technique, very creative! Maybe since I have two last names, I’ll save more then planned by using this technique!?!? I will definitely try this method. Thank you Leslie!

    • Laura Carreon-Alonso

      Same! I also have 2 last names and they’re different from my first. I’ll most likely do the L and the A since L is most common and A is least common. Just to even it out. Thanks Leslie! It’s true you are definitely the fan favorite. :)

  • Alexis Sanchez

    I enjoyed how the students in the video are encouraging us to save money. It’s very important to get a head start towards saving money because you might not know when an unexpected situation may come at you where bring financially stable is necessary, and that’s where saving money comes along to help. Of course, it’s not simple to save money right away with all the living expenses and necessary things required for everyday life quickly snatches up your money, starting with little steps can go a long way.

  • Leela Dimperio

    I love that these videos don’t all have the same tips. These videos each present unique, thoughtful ideas as to how to save money. Every student can find something in at least one of these videos that works for them! I like the idea of having different bank accounts and automatically depositing a certain percent into each account! Genius!

  • Yulisa Orihuela

    It is the first time I see these videos. I have my own tips to save money and I am in other position that this young students; I am a single 42 years old mom student. However, i always have something new to learn and the talent of this students creating this video inspire me.

  • Deborah

    This was an amazing contest, with some excellent idea’s by several of the participants. I really like several of the money saving idea’s; especially looking up textbooks online for the cheapest way to purchase other than paying full price. Congrats to all who entered ~ you all deserve a huge pat on the back!!!

  • Tessonja Bradford Granado

    All of these ideas to save money while attending college are helpful. As I’m a single parent of 1 other college student besides myself had to come up with ways to save money on a tight budget along with teach my son.

    I have 2 checking accounts and 2 savings accounts open. I use one checking account for bills and set up bill pay with this account since some creditors give you a monthly discount for setting this service up. Then I have my other checking account that gets my regular deposits minus the monies that get transferred to the Bill Pay Checking Account for groceries, day to day items I need and gas.

    Then each time I get paid via paycheck or student loan/Pell Grant monies I take a certain amount out or percentage and put it between the 2 savings accounts. One savings account I use just for books, school supplies, and tuition or registration fees each semester and parking permit. Then the other savings account is used for monies I’m saving towards and won’t touch until the specific dollar amount is reached.

    Then I have started taking from that savings account like $25-$50 and placing it into a CD that can earn interest on it without minimum deposit and I can’t touch for like 2 years. This way I know during a few years I will be able to withdrawal that money without any penalties and not have any high fee that would eat it all up. This just gives me a little extra for a rainy day I may need in a few years.

    There are all different ways you can invest in your future and it’s not a huge chunk of monies that you would be hurting if it was gone and you couldn’t touch it for a few years or so especially if you start Senior year in high school or Freshman year. It gives you another savings other than the one I had mentioned that I take a certain dollar amount and or percentage so I can save for a specific item or items.

    I have taught my son these tricks of savings and he was able to be disciplined enough to safe $500 in his first savings account just in 2 semesters and started to tuck away some more monies in a savings bond/CD and didn’t touch it for 2 years and it was an extra 2,500. He really stuck to his plan to save in both savings account and was able to purchase his MacBook that he had always wanted and didn’t want to outright spend his student loan monies all at once for the big purchase.

    I have to say as his mom I was very impressed and proud that he could keep on track and we have made a family competition game of saving monies now. The person who saves the most out of their accounts and helps save the family monies on groceries and such gets to pick what the family does on our family weekend.

  • Tony ivers

    I liked nicloes video i want to know more about online clubs and the coupons.i also liked the idea of having a hidden saving account away from me.

  • Cicely Collins

    Students should always look for ways to save more money. It can be hard sometimes to save money when a student is enrolled in two or more classes. My reason is because he or she may not have free time to do the extra research on the topic. A student should always do research on how to save money before he or she become enroll in a school. A student can search online for a cheaper price on books and school scholarships. Plus Higher One can help a student save more money. You can have your school student checks deposit into your account or reload your card for a low price fee. Also you can still use your Higher One card once you graduate from your school.

  • Lisa

    I like how the Higher One breaks your account down for us to understand were we spent the money and it’s easy to transfer money to one account to another.

  • Joy Meece

    I want to WIN!

  • Karen A. Hardaway

    The important thing to do when saving money, is to have a plan and stick to that plan. Whatever strategy will motivate savings is always a good strategy too. I am an adult learner, back in school, working and paying bills. So, I know full well what it means to save. These videos are encouragement tools that students can use. Leslie W. from Bakers College established a simple plan, so I might try that one. Lastly, Higher One offers help with managing money and that is also a plus.
    May each of us finish our semesters well.
    Karen A.

  • Landell. Ealey

    It has been hard to save. HigherOne always gives good tools on how to save and budget. I can always get good tips and think that now I can better plan my financial path.

  • Michelle

    I thought all the winners did fantastic with their videos! I loved the great tips from the 1st prize winner on how to save money.

  • Shakonda Sease

    I’m a single parent with three kids so I love the idea of saving as much money as I can. The videos gave some very good ideas on saving money by renting the text books and I didn’t know that the library had course text books that could be checked out for free. I have a son who will be going off to college next year so this is very helpful for the both of us.. Thanks, I enjoyed watching each video…

  • Trudie Jackson

    I was very impressed with all of the tips and the creativity. I think the 3 different accounts sound pretty good and smart…as long as the banks do not charge outrageous fees.
    These guys did an excellent job!!

  • Michael Boyd

    Must admit the ideas wee great. Wish I had seen them years ago during the years I was working on my BA. Almost finished with my Ed. S. And love to see responsible young adults figure out to spend their money wisely.

  • Lorena Espinoza

    All the videos are great! Great tips for money management. I am attending the Colorado Tech university and I know I will be managing my finances differently after watching these videos. It is always great to learn new methods or procedures specially to manage finances while attending the university.

  • Latayla

    Benjamin’s video was my favorite. I wonder how much effort it took to get two of him.

  • Savanna

    Great ideas ! Never have thought about having two checking accounts but love the idea. Some great ideas for saving money and budgeting. Now time to put them to use !

  • Octavia Oneil

    Wow that was cool. I never thought about having 2 checking accounts and 1 savings. I just have a checkings account and write my expenses in my notes on my phone. I keep track that way.

  • Joanne

    I love your tips, Jessica K! Your upbeat personality makes your tips even more amazing to listen to. You sound like an actual news reporter! :) Oh and I love your tips about searching college textbooks on social media. As a social media person myself, I love that idea! Congrats on winning first prize and congrats to all the other winners! *applauds*

  • Tamiko S. Hobbs

    I like all the videos and what they all had to offer about saving money. They all offer great tips which I may use in the coming future. But the best way I save money is having two accounts one for all my bills and the other is for expense.. I set up a ESF and BSF which meand emergency saving fund that I only use for unexpected and emergency and the blessed saving fund is what I use to help others.. but I will take into consideration what all the winners had to offer thanks and congrats to all that won…

  • Velera Chambers

    Higher One is the ultimate money making site. Higher One has maintained my higher educational funds since I have entered college. I am a master student regarding student finances because Higher One provides another credit building resource which has increased my credit score toward purchasing a home as well as attend school as a full time student.

    • V

      Thanks Higher One.

  • Khanh Nguyen

    Great money saving tips! I think I learned a lot, especially the not buying unnecessary objects, and time to start to learn how to cook. Thank You for the making of those videos, I need it.

  • Sung

    I like second video. it’s charle chaplin style of saving money from college year. Higher one apps has how to budget and mange your money without budget software. another way to save some money from your tech. thanks

    • Esther Pratt

      I like the saving money 101 video by JOSHUA B. of AMERICAN RIVER COLLEGE. he had some good points and ideas in there. I already do some of those things because somewhere down the line or maybe even sooner, I know I might need some extra change; maybe to repair a problem with my car,I’ve done many times, or pay a bill on time to prevent any more damage to my credit. I currently have 2 checking account and 1 savings account. I use one of the checking accounts to pay all my bills so majority of my paycheck goes into this account; this help me to keep my minimum balance and to also advoid overdraft fees. from this same account I have it set up to where a certain amount is transfer automatically once a month into my checking/ I also have the minimum balance require in my savings so I don’t have to pay unnecessary overdraft fees. I also have certain dollar amount per pay days and this is my spending money when needed.

  • Melissa A. Romero

    I think it is important to take your finances seriously and take control of them. I think these are really wonderful ideas that I’ll take to heart.

  • Edna Martinez

    The first place winner Jessica was very informative. It is time consuming and I already work forty hours but I think I will try applying for small scholarships. Thanks

  • Tonya Duhl

    Great ways to save money. Great thoughts about scholarships. I going to search more scholarships in hopes of landing at least one.

  • Ally Morgan

    So Joshua B. I dig your creativity the most!! But Patrick, you had a great idea! So simple, yet effective!

  • Catia Gonzalez

    Leslie W.’s tip was really unique and extremely simple to follow. Its a tip most of us can do on a daily basis. The fact she was able to save $400 just by only saving money with the first letter of her name, makes you wonder how much you’d save using your first and last name.

  • Jocelyne

    Higher one has helped me save money for college. Higher one has really good tips

  • Julian

    Good job to everyone that was a contestant you all did great , I am glad however , that Jessica K. won she really put some detail and kept it simple and to the point. Her video was captivating from start to end congrats don’t forget to save all the cash winnings lol.

  • Natalie Perez

    Attending college and trying to manage your money is really hard. The students who have submitted videos are great role models. They helped me understand that managing money is important and gave great advice on how to spend it wisely. I hope many students get to see these videos and get inspired like I did. We all should learn from these videos. Thank you all very much.

  • Judith

    These students are creative with there money saving and spending ideas. I like the reporter style. The Charlie Chaplin was good too, it amazes me that students nowadays knows of Charlie Chaplin great job, you deserve more prize.

  • Wendy Carpenter

    Saving money for college is the smart thing to do.
    I enjoy the easy way to budget with higher one.
    College is expensive and higher one makes this easy so students can
    get their studies completed with out worries of bills.

  • Yvette

    Wow this is incredible. Have some great tips and tricks on managing and saving money. I will definitely keep this in mind. Thanks guys.

  • Vanessa

    An easy method for helping college students save some money could be provided by no other than our very own campus bookstore by lowering the cost of textbooks. Thank you.

  • traci

    Finally !!! Here is some valuable financial info I can use for the long haul !!! I liked the way the budgeting software made complete sense instead of all jumbled up like most financial institutions present their ideas !!! Thank you for giving me another way to save for the future !!!

  • Bianca Hayes

    What wonderful ideas love that Higherone is being active with the students. Give away,prizes and information videos

  • Kamila

    All of the tips are useful, and essential to have them in mind, especially when paying for unnecessary things. I have some advice as a college student as well.

    1) If you are taking a bus to school, try to find out if your school offers free bus passes to students, if not, buy a bus pass with student discount. I saved a lot of money on it.
    2) Follow the academic announcements on your school website. Sometimes, many writing, photo and video competitions are being posted with some amount of prices. Try your best to win.
    3) Look up for students who sell their books; you can find books cheaper than anywhere else. Also, sell your own books that you don’t need right at the beginning of a new semester when everyone need to buy books.
    4) If you have no money left in your meal plan by the end of semester, find out about events that offer free foods on campus. Don’t hesitate to join.
    5) STOVE PRICE website gives an opportunity for college students to submit a piece about the effectiveness of your words, and how your words positively affect the world. The prices are pretty good!

  • Denise Briggs

    I liked the video about checking out your textbooks from the library instead of buying them. I never knew that. Thanks for the great advice.

  • Ericho

    College is expensive and students need to prepare to tighten the pure strings. These tips, ideas in the videos help a lot teaching students the best way to save and make the money stretch.

  • Karen

    amazing video ….luv luv the money saving tips……

  • Connie

    I rent as many books as I can from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

  • mohamed

    Love! Why does it feel like they are all talking to me? I plan on using this guys tips to save money obviously my methods don’t work. The one idea that I have learned today is to rent books rather then owning them.

    Thanks guys much love!

  • Christine

    I think that my fellow college classmates did an AWESOME JOB giving tips on how to save and make money while studying. Particularly, I appreciated how JESSICA K. FROM KENT STATE UNIVERSITY highlighted trying to find your semester textbook online or from a previous student who has already taken the class. Great info!! Awesome Sauce on all of “yalls” hard work!

  • Laura Perez

    I missed the opportunity to make a video, but the videos I watched were funny and great!!!

  • Nadia

    I never thought about checking out books from the library, since my library only allows you to check out books for 3 weeks, but I will check for online textbooks. Also, renting textbooks can save a lot of money, which is what I am doing for the following quarter.

  • sabrina

    I liked the idea of saving money by saving every bill that had the last initial of my last name. Never thought of that before. I think that I’ll try it out to see how much I can save

  • James Guerrero

    Hey just wannet to say tank you for all the videos i look at all and each one of them teach me somthing new and inspier me to funk and lear somthing like safe money and love the collage life tank you so much hope the all winn and Good luck to all !!!

  • Damon Campagna

    I completely separate all my school purchases to a separate credit card and then pay off the balance immediately. It keeps everything straight for my taxes and I don’t mix up personal and school expenses.

  • Alexis Sanchez

    With the holidays coming up, its pretty hard not to spend money let alone save money. But there is a silver lining. Try using money saving apps like Mint to help you keep track of your spending and your savings.

  • Nanette stanaway

    great video to show all college students how to control their financial destiny! This gives everyone the tools to get started.

  • Chelsea

    Some of these tips I’ve used. Others not so much

  • Te'Kara

    All useful tips that I’m going to make sure I implement.

  • Toshian Freeman

    I really enjoyed these videos

  • Nadia

    I never knew you could get scholarships without writing an essay. Thanks for telling me! I am now applying for more scholarships than before.

  • christina Winston

    Very useful and smart tips.

  • Rose

    This is great, I love saving money and always looking for new ways to do so. Especially being a college student. This tips were great!

  • Jannie

    wow, videos were very informative and helpful !

  • Debra Griffiths

    I love the idea of making videos to help others with learning to save money. I look on the internet often for savings ideas. Thank you, HigherOne for this contest and allowing us students the chance to hear how other students are saving money. The ideas are wonderful. Again, thank you! And thank you to the students that shared their savings stories with us. Debra

  • Lorena Espinoza Felix

    It is important to keep track of expenses and to find ways to better manage finances. These videos are great.

  • Tkaya

    Being a college student, I found these videos as being very helpful. I enjoy saving money , the tips are greatly appreciated, Thanks!

  • Melodie Beall

    These videos are going to be a finance saver to me. With having two toddlers and being in school I need to save all the money I can. Not only so I can pay daycare but so they can grow up with strong skills that will save them money. Thank you everyone for your hard work.

  • nick

    Don’t allow your balance to fall under a certain amount. Decide if the purchase your making is a need or a want.

  • Ruth

    These money saving videos have been very helpful. Being a college student with kids saving as much money as you can is life changing. I didn’t find out until my last year of college about buying text books off the internet was way cheaper than the book store. Now that I have a child that’s about to start college. I can help her with saving as much money as possible. Thanks students and Higher One.

  • Nadia

    I think it is great that they made this contest where people share their money saving tips. This allows students to share what they learned with others, helping college students save money with ways that they may not have thought of.

  • Mark riley

    Great ideas

  • Amber L. Patrick

    I loved Nicole M. from Texas Tech University’s video! It was funny and helpful. I liked the tip about signing up for club e-mails because I do that a lot.

  • Shannon Taylor

    I really liked the idea of trying to save money on textbooks by looking on amazon and social media to see if anyone has a used one.

  • VIctoria

    Loved learning ways to spend money on campus like looking for odd jobs and saving money for a rainy day.

  • Nick

    Is anyone here for the $50 gift card. I could really use some extra gas money fr fr lol

  • Amber L. Patrick

    I really enjoyed Benjamin S. from the University of Missouri’s video. I am going to have to try the tip he gave about the textbooks.

  • Tina

    Great tips.

  • Idell Uplinger

    Good article, thanks.

    • Robert Lafarge

      Very educational!