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More Students Falling Behind on Loans

The New York Federal Reserve released data this month showing that student loans are the type of debt most likely to be behind in payments. According to the Q4 Household Debt and Credit Report, 11.3 percent of student loans were delinquent (more than 90 days late or in default) in the last quarter of 2014,… Continue Reading

U.S. News Releases List of Colleges that Leave Graduates with the Most Debt

U.S. News & World Report, which does an annual ranking of best colleges and universities (see the 2015 list here), has used the data it collected for that report to take a closer look at student debt. This month U.S. News released a list of the 10 colleges that leave graduates with the most debt… Continue Reading

Clean Out Your Closets for Cash

Need some extra spending money? Give new meaning to “spring cleaning” this year by selling your used stuff for cash. Here’s how. Sell Online. There are many places to sell your old stuff online. If you want to stay local, try Craigslist, which lets you list things in its online marketplace for free, though you’ll… Continue Reading

Sticking to Your Money Resolutions

As the first month of the new year has drawn to a close, some of the best-intended money resolutions may have already gone by the wayside. But it’s not too late to get back on track. One of the best ways for college students to sustain financial resolutions is to avoid broad, generic goals such… Continue Reading

Discover Your Money Personality

Did you know that how you manage your money, just like other behaviors, is strongly influenced by your personality? We all handle money differently, and sometimes our choices seem to defy logic. So taking some time to think about and understand your “money personality” is an important step on the road to becoming financially capable… Continue Reading

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