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6 Hacks to Help Stop Financial Procrastination in Its Tracks

Via LearnVest By Amanda Kelly -  With the start of every new year comes all of those resolutions that you’re absolutely, positively, definitely going to tackle. You’ll be better at balancing your checkbook. You’ll finally kick your retirement savings into high gear. And you’re not going to let that financial paperwork pile up again. Yet… Continue Reading

Income-Based Repayment: What it Means For Your Student Loan

If you’ve used federal student loans to finance your education, you’ll be expected to start paying them back six months after you graduate. But if have very high student debt relative to your income, and if you meet certain criteria, you may be able pay your loan back using an income-driven loan repayment plan. There… Continue Reading

credit scores 101

As far as credit companies are concerned, you’re just a number. Your credit score, a three-digit number from 300 (bad!) to a perfect score of 850, sums up your credit worthiness, and is used by lenders to determine how much of a risk you are as a potential borrower. In other words, your credit score… Continue Reading

Finding the Perfect Internship

Finding a job is never easy, but finding a job when you have no experience can be nearly impossible. An internship—or several—can give you a valuable head start in your post-graduation job search by showing potential employers not only that you have professional experience, but that you have shown initiative and motivation in getting it…. Continue Reading

The High Cost of College Gambling

With March Madness upon us, many students’ thoughts are turned not just to watching the games, but to gambling on them. In 2013, gamblers in the United States lost a collective $119 billion, and some of that money came from college students—research shows that about 75 percent of college students gambled in the past year…. Continue Reading

Living in (Financial) Disharmony: 4 Reasons Couples Stress about Money

Via LearnVest By Emma Miller -  Oil and water. Prints and patterns. Business and pleasure. Love and money? If you’ve ever felt like those last two things don’t mix well, you aren’t alone. In a recent survey conducted by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), 47% of respondents indicated that disagreeing about money was… Continue Reading

Clean Out Your Closets for Cash

Need some extra spending money? Give new meaning to “spring cleaning” this year by selling your used stuff for cash. Here’s how. Sell Online There are many places to sell your old stuff online. If you want to stay local, try Craigslist, which lets you list things in its online marketplace for free, though you’ll… Continue Reading

Ready, Set—File!

April 15 is the deadline for filing your 2014 federal tax return, and for most states with an income tax, for state tax returns as well. Even if you think you don’t have to file because your income was low, you may have to file in order to get back any taxes you had withheld… Continue Reading

New Year, New You!

Ring in the New Year by making a resolution to review your finances and get your wallet back in shape. While many people tend to focus on things like diet and exercise, using the semester break to reflect on your spending habits and set a new course will yield measurable results in no time. Here… Continue Reading

Affordable DIY Gift Ideas

It’s all well and good to lament the commercialization of the holidays, but Aunt Gladys still expects something under the tree. If you’re short on cash but long on creativity, there are many easy, inexpensive ways to create a gift for your loved ones, and we’re not talking macaroni necklaces. One of the easiest, cheapest… Continue Reading