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6 Common Clichés That Are Bad for Your Financial Outlook

  Via LearnVest By Jane Bianchi – Whenever you browse Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, you’ll see them: Those cheesy life mantras that are meant to provide daily inspiration. You know, things like “Carpe diem!” and “Do what you love!” They’re often laid over majestic images of mountains, dreamy sunsets or kittens with big, adorable eyes…. Continue Reading

This or That: When Should You Buy Versus Lease a Car?

  Via LearnVest By Natalie Wearstler – In our new “This or That” series, we’ll help you weigh your options when it comes to choosing between two financial scenarios. Today, we explore whether it makes more sense to lease a new car or own one—even if it means having to take out a loan. Have you… Continue Reading

What Women and Young People Have in Common: Money Stress!

  Via LearnVest By Jennifer Liu – What keeps you up at night? Maybe it’s thinking about that big presentation you have to give at work in the morning—or about how you still haven’t nailed down the details of your summer getaway yet. But more likely, your daily stresses come down to one thing: your… Continue Reading

Rich … and Broke? Why Even High Earners Can’t Seem to Save

  Via LearnVest By Jennifer Liu -  Living paycheck to paycheck isn’t just a problem for those at the bottom of the pay scale. In fact, a new SunTrust survey reveals that nearly one in three households earning at least $75,000 a year feel they can barely make ends meet. Even more shocking: As many… Continue Reading

Challenge Week 4: Discover the Power of Savings

Developing good saving habits early can help you create a financial cushion for emergencies and reach your long-term savings goals, such as buying a more reliable car or making a down payment on a house. Putting even a small amount aside each month can quickly add up.

Walking the Thin Green Line: Why Being Wealthy Isn’t the Same as Being Rich

Via LearnVest By Amanda Kelly – Would you rather be rich or wealthy? If you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking, “What’s the difference?” Turns out it has less to do with your assets and more to do with your mind-set, claims New York Times columnist Paul Sullivan, author of “The Thin Green Line: Money… Continue Reading

Challenge Week 1: Plug the Small Leaks!

Managing your money effectively starts with a thorough review of your spending habits—so that’s our first challenge! You can do your review by looking at your debit card transactions on your online bank statement or other spending records such as your check register and/or receipts. Look back over your purchases for the last few weeks… Continue Reading

The High Cost of College Gambling

With March Madness upon us, many students’ thoughts are turned not just to watching the games, but to gambling on them. In 2013, gamblers in the United States lost a collective $119 billion, and some of that money came from college students—research shows that about 75 percent of college students gambled in the past year…. Continue Reading

Living in (Financial) Disharmony: 4 Reasons Couples Stress about Money

Via LearnVest By Emma Miller -  Oil and water. Prints and patterns. Business and pleasure. Love and money? If you’ve ever felt like those last two things don’t mix well, you aren’t alone. In a recent survey conducted by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), 47% of respondents indicated that disagreeing about money was… Continue Reading

Take a Break!

It may still be the dead of winter, but now’s the time to be thinking about what to do over spring break. Pitching in a few hundred bucks to stay with a dozen friends in a dive motel in whatever hot spring break destination they choose may seem like a good idea when you’re looking… Continue Reading