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New to Higher One

You’ve probably got some questions, right? Like, who is Higher One and why did my school partner with them? Well you’ve come to the right place! Let’s start with the most important stuff:

Who is Higher One?

Founded in 2000, Higher One, Inc is a leading company focused on helping college business offices manage operations and provide enhanced service to students. Through a full array of services including refunds, payments, electronic billing, payment plans and more, Higher One. works closely with colleges and universities to ensure students receive Financial Aid refunds quickly, easily pay tuition and bills online, make on-campus and community purchases, and learn the basics of financial management.

Why did my school partner with Higher One?

Because we assist colleges and universities simplify the refund process, saving them time and money.

Our services benefit your school by:

  • Providing increased services to the student body.
    • Giving students a choice for receiving their refunds.
    • Eliminating the need to wait in line to pick up checks on the day of distribution, or for them to arrive in the mail.
    • Providing students with easy-to-use, optional, online account options enabling them to gain valuable online banking experience.
  • Helping to streamline the refund distribution process.
    • School administrators spend less time issuing checks—freeing up time to focus on other student initiatives.
    • The institution saves money on the costs of check paper, ink, postage, and check printing machines.
    • Our process allows schools to experience cost avoidance during an era of decreased federal and local funding

So what do I need to do?

Here’s a checklist to ensure you receive your card and refund in a timely manner.

  • Be sure your most current address is on file with the school. This is where your card will be mailed
  • The card is shipped in a bright green envelope so when you see it, don’t throw it away! The card is your key to unlocking your refund preference
  • Visit the website listed with the card and select your refund delivery preference. You always have two free electronic options for refund delivery
    • Deposit to a Higher One checking account
    • ACH to a third party bank of your choice
  • Once you’ve selected your refund preference visit the Tools page for a list of important resources for students including how to get your questions answer 24 hours a day, seven days a week using Easy Help℠
  • Register with One for Your Money to have the opportunity to share feedback and ideas about Higher One by commenting on blog posts. You can even submit your money questions which could be featured on Money Talk with Mary.

OK, I received my refund – now what?

A vital part of having money is the ability to manage it wisely. That’s where One for Your Money comes in! Here you will find tips on smart money management tips on topics such as spending control and managing a bank account. Check out all the topics covered on the Money 101 page.