Defining Financial Capability for College Students

Financing a college education is one of the first and most important financial decisions young adults will make.

When added to the pressure of learning to manage and navigate everyday financial decisions, many students are stressed about their finances and are not prepared to manage money while in college.

Percentage of high school graduates who enroll in college
Percentage of college students who drop out after the first year

Over the last several years, great strides have been made at the national level aimed at finding better ways to provide young adults with the knowledge and skill set necessary to make smart financial decisions that will help them persist in college and complete their degree. However, facilitating impactful implementation and testing of these standards (specifically for college-bound and college student populations) requires a more functional definition of what finan­cial capability means for these students. It is in this spirit that this coalition of financial literacy practitioners and non-profit education technology and financial services organizations, has come together to offer its perspective on what that definition might include.

The purpose of this effort is to inform the development and evaluation of more effective education, intervention and practice opportunities aimed at increasing financial capability among college students. It is intended to provide focus for key stakeholders who work directly with or on behalf of students, including financial literacy practitioners, high school and college counselors, financial aid professionals, and researchers—as well as companies and organizations involved in creating better tools and resources for young adults.

This graph provides a timeline summary of the definition as it relates to the requisite knowledge and attitudes that college and college-bound students should acquire, along with suggested outcomes or milestones that would demonstrate achievement of those desired traits.

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Assistant Director, Student Wellness Center, The Ohio State University

Assistant Professor Research Fellow, NAF Faculty Director of the Financial Inclusion Project, AEDI School of Social Welfare, University of Kansas

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Moneythink

Vice President, Financial Literacy and Student Aid Policy, BankMobile.

Director of Financial Literacy, University of Indiana

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mindblown Labs

Director of Research, EverFi


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