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Why Correcting Your Credit Report Just Got Easier

Via LearnVest By Shana Lebowitz – Spotting an error on your credit report can be a crummy experience. First, there’s the moment when your heart stops because you see that your credit score has plummeted since you last checked it. Then there’s the tedious back and forth with the credit bureau as you try to… Continue Reading

Challenge Week 4: Discover the Power of Savings

Developing good saving habits early can help you create a financial cushion for emergencies and reach your long-term savings goals, such as buying a more reliable car or making a down payment on a house. Putting even a small amount aside each month can quickly add up.

Your Medical Debt Rx: 7 Ways to Manage High Medical Bills

Via LearnVest By Marisa Torrieri -  When Amanda Griffith welcomed her third child in May 2014, she was expecting to pay some out-of-pocket costs. After all, she had a high-risk pregnancy, which required additional monitoring and tests that wouldn’t be totally covered by her health insurance. Even so, she and her husband weren’t prepared for… Continue Reading