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Challenge Week 2: Did you know….?

Spending just 15 minutes each week thinking about your finances is a great way to increase your financial awareness, which will make you more likely to show positive money-management behaviors, such as paying your bills on time, setting aside some money for savings and staying on track toward your financial goals. For this week’s challenge,… Continue Reading

10 Travel Tips for Summer Trips

  1. Book online. Many airlines charge fees for booking in person or on the phone, so avoid those costs by booking online. Be careful, though—even websites sometimes charge booking fees, often for certain types of tickets, such as those that include more than one carrier. Read the fine print before you click “Purchase.” 2…. Continue Reading

5 Smart Things to Do with Your Tax Refund

  According to the IRS, eight in 10 filers receive a tax refund each year, averaging around $3,000. While you may be tempted to run out and spent your refund on the latest smartphone, flat screen TV or trendy new outfit, there are some smarter alternatives that will help reinforce your financial foundation. Here are… Continue Reading