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Rich … and Broke? Why Even High Earners Can’t Seem to Save

  Via LearnVest By Jennifer Liu -  Living paycheck to paycheck isn’t just a problem for those at the bottom of the pay scale. In fact, a new SunTrust survey reveals that nearly one in three households earning at least $75,000 a year feel they can barely make ends meet. Even more shocking: As many… Continue Reading

Deconstructing Your Paycheck

For most of us, getting a paycheck means one thing – money in the bank! But have you ever wondered why the amount you take home is so much less than what you thought you earned? If you’re just starting your first real job, this can be an especially frustrating experience. The answers lie in… Continue Reading

Ask a CFP: ‘Should You Ever Close a Credit Card?’

Via LearnVest By Tom Gilmour, CFP® – In our “Ask a CFP” Q&A series, we cede the floor to a Certified Financial Planner™, who will address some of the trickiest money topics out there. Today, Tom Gilmour, a CFP® with LearnVest Planning Services, discusses whether it’s ever wise to cancel a credit card. “When it comes… Continue Reading